Training And Education Management System (TAEmS)

Training And Education Management System (TAEmS) is an Institute Management System for private schools, colleges, universities, training, enrichment and tuition centres, and other training providers. Built on today’s leading-edge technology, TAEmS enables you to execute all training management tasks from trainee registration, training scheduling to certification -with ease. Consequently, reducing errors and streamlining your entire training management process - saving your time, effort and building a relationship with your trainees.

It is undoubtedly one of the best cloud-based systems in the market with comprehensive features at an affordable price within your budget.


Programme Management
Trainer Management
Intake Management
Training Management
SkillsFuture Credit
Quality Outcome Survey
2. Automation

SkillsFuture Credit Automation

  • Reads the email sent from SSG
  • Updates claim status based upon email input
  • Generates receipts for disbursement

Quality Outcome Survey Automation

  • The trainee details for SSG survey will be sent from TAEmS automatically
  • SSG survey feedback will be fed into TAEmS

3rd Party Integration Automation

  • TAEmS can be integrated with applications. Common integrations include integrating to email systems, accounting software etc.
  • TAEmS modular architecture allows you to add on when needs arise, ensuring all future training needs can be Integrated.


  1. User-friendly, Secure, Efficient, and Scalable

Designed to satisfy the most critical training operational needs, TAEmS makes it easy to operate your training institute, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

No Capital Investment
No Capital Investment
Secure Payent
Secure Payment
Low Operational Cost
Low Operational Cost
Lean Operational Process
Lean Operational Process
PIC Grant Applicable
  1. Simplify Your Tedious Tasks

It’s versatile and flexible features enables you to shape the software to suit your training institute’s needs. Built with state of art technology-it is super fast, secure and accessible even on slow internet connection.

  1. Easy and Quick Access

Easy Access. Whenever, Wherever.
As TAEmS is cloud-based, it can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere in the world-thus ensuring a mobile access for you and your staff. TAEmS makes it easy for administrators to monitor training activities, access vital information and even decade-old records, in a split second.

  1. Secured Data Management

With this feature, your company’s intellectual property, confidential data and any other business information are protected; thus, ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act [P.D.P.A ].

  1. Saves Time and Reduces Costs

TAEmS improves managerial efficiency, saves manpower, cuts down manual paperwork, prevents errors and fraud; ergo, saving costs, maximizing resource allocation and increasing productivity. This will save you an approximate of 10-15% manpower cost!

The finance management module provides administrators detailed analysis and reports-assisting you to plan your finances better.

With a centralized institution-wide data warehouse, TAEmS provides visibility to all areas of your institution-from trainee enrolment, curriculum planning, trainer allocation to resource assignment, financial information and staff benefits.

  1. High Performance and Support at a Small Price

By leveraging the power of technology TAEmS delivers the most cost-effective and flexible solutions; even for institutes with no capital investment and maintenance costs. New users or sites can be easily added to the system enabling a fast and cost-effective deployment; And we back you up with our prompt support, assistance and maintenance.